Kenya Spur Afrika 2023 - Building the House

‘For which of you, wanting to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it’
Luke 14:28

This week Spur Afrika Kenya team took part in two days of workshops! Starting with looking towards hopes and concerns and then how best we work with others. We constructed theories of change (logical frameworks) to write project proposals. Finally, we discussed making difficult budgeting choices. In the meantime, the team had some downtime, away from their usual work at the centre!

It was great seeing individual team members sharing how they work. And figuring out how programs work, from theory into implementation. As well as opening up about how they could prepare or cope with difficulties. Thanks to Tim Chong for helping prepare the structure of the workshops.

The workshops conclude the two weeks of work Rosalie and myself have been working ‘on-site’ with Spur Afrika in Kenya. During this time we have seen so much growth, among the Spur Afrika staff (which has thankfully remained quite stable over the years).

Just as pleasing we have experienced the growth of Spur Afrika senior students and graduates who have throughout been keenly involved in conducting health clinics, running picnics for the other students, doing all the odd-jobs and bringing their experience to mentorship workshops. Just in the last week, we were able to invite a Spur graduate in university to assist, throughout the year, in a specialized technical capacity with reporting program performance.

Rosalie and myself are a little tired, but also very excited at what God is doing with Spur Afrika in Kenya. Thanks in particular to Maureen and Sue who have been particularly kind and generous hosts over the past two weeks. We pray for workers Emily, Patoh and Niko for assistance with health or family concerns. And pray thankfully for all the team and children in Spur and Kenya generally as they show and learn more of God’s Kingdom and promises.

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