Kenya Spur Afrika 2023 - Kickstart Kisumu

PRAYER NEEDED: it has come to our attention that we are behind in our fundraising, so therefore there are lots of issues to tackle as well as figuring out what we are doing for the Spur trip in January.

Kenya Spur Afrika 2023 - Spur Sharing Day

There is a lot going on, including our sharing day service at CrossGen. Would love to see you all there. David and I are busy figuring out many things for Spur, including clinics, worker retreats, mentorship training and much more.

Kenya Spur Afrika 2023 - Going to Kenya!

Hi Friends, Who would have thought there would be so many changes in one year? I am thankful for all the changes, good and bad but it can be overwhelming.

Kenya Spur Afrika 2023 - Welcome!

Hello friends! Welcome to the support, encouragement & prayer group for Rosalie and David. Rosalie and David are planning to go to Kenya, leaving December 31st to January 20th 2023.

Kenya Spur Afrika 2021 - Training

“Whatever things are true, whatever things are honorable, whatever things are right, whatever things are pure, whatever things are pleasing, whatever things

Kenya Spur Afrika 2021 - Equity

“Let justice roll on like the water, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. 但愿公正好象潮水滚流, 公义好

Kenya Spur Afrika 2021 - Return

Touch down!! We are back in Melbourne safely!! 😁😆 Thank you for your support, encouragement and prayers. God is great! It was very fast getting out of the airport, they didn’t check any of our COVID documents.

Kenya Spur Afrika 2021 - Epiphany

Today, January 6th - Feast of the Epiphany, we departed Kenya. Now at Doha (Qatar) airport, we are waiting for a flight to Melbourne. Traditionally, the Feast of Epiphany is when the Magi (Wise Men from the East) came to visit and adore the infant Jesus.

Kenya Spur Afrika 2021 - Returning

Hello from Doha!! 👋🖐 We had a little hassle getting checked in at Kenya as we went to the wrong terminal, however after some assistance from Patoh and Sue, we got to the right place.

Kenya Spur Afrika 2021 - Last Day & Training

LAST DAY OF KENYA 🥲😭 We spent the morning training our Kenyan team. David spoke about monitoring and evaluation, in which the team did some quizzes on the phone.