Isotope and Fancybox Galleries on Blogdown

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The Wowchemy theme (formerly Hugo Academic) can ‘tile’ irregularly shaped posts in a grid, using the Isotope Javascript library. In another post I describe how the ‘cascading card’ layout can be used in the Wowchemy’s pages widget (used for ‘posts’, ‘talks’ and ‘publications’). Wouldn’t it be nice to also use the Isotope library for galleries within a post?

Another Javascript library, fancybox can also be used for photo galleries. When a picture has a data-fancybox attribute, then clicking on that photo results in a ‘lightbox’ view of the photo. Photos with the same data-fancybox attribute can be seen in the same lightbox by clicking on the right/left arrows, or using cursor keys.

The example below is taken from my post on the topic of ‘equity’ after visiting Kenya in 2021/2022. The code shown below is encased in a ```{r} ... ``` code chunk.

/>', # for fancybox
 </script>', # for fancybox
 </script>', # for isotope
     "itemSelector": ".isotope-grid-item",
     "masonry": "{\"columnWidth\": \".grid-sizer\"}",
     "percentPosition": "true",
     "gutter": 0
'  <div id="grid-sizer"></div>',
'  <div class="isotope-grid-item" style="float:left; width: 48%">',
'    <a data-fancybox="gallery" href="./20220114_mothersandchildren.jpg">',
'      <img src="./20220114_mothersandchildren.jpg" style="margin:0px 0px">', 
       # default CSS top/bottom margin is not zero
'    </a>',
'  </div>',
'  <div class="isotope-grid-item" style="float:left; width: 48%">',
'    <a data-fancybox="gallery" href="./20220114_consult.jpg">',
'      <img src="./20220114_consult.jpg" style="margin:0px 0px">',
'    </a>',
'  </div>',
'  <div class="isotope-grid-item" style="float:left; width: 53%">',
'    <a data-fancybox="gallery" href="./20220114_support.jpg">', 
'      <img src="./20220114_support.jpg" style="margin:0px 0px">',
'    </a>',
'  </div>',
'  <div class="isotope-grid-item" style="float:left; width: 43%">',
'    <a data-fancybox="gallery" href="./20220114_disability.jpg">',
'      <img src="./20220114_disability.jpg" style="margin:0px 0px">',
'    </a>',
'  </div>',
'<br clear="left"><br>'

The first part defines the CSS of fancybox, and then includes the Javascript of fancybox and isotope. isotope has already been include by Wowchemy, but it is not clear to me how to access that included Javascript code.

In a div of class grid, the data-isotope attribute is defined. This attribute needs to be rather carefully escaped.

  • itemSelector defines how isotope grid items class will be named in divisions which contain gallery items. In this case, the class name will be defined as isotope-grid-item. Note the added . period at the beginning of the name when the class name is defined.

  • the default layout is masonry. The masonry attribute is defined in the div of class grid. I’m not actually sure how to change to a different layout! Or whether changing the masonry attributes makes much difference!

    • columnWidth in this case is defined as the width of the HTML element with the id of grid-sizer. A period . is placed before the id name. By default, the column width is defined as the width of the first element in the grid div. Changing this attribute doesn’t seem to make any difference to me, but to keep things safe, the first element in this grid will be a full-width element with the id of grid-sizer.

    • percentPosition allows grid item widths to be defined as percentages of available width. This attribute appears to work. In the example, this attribute is set to true

    • gutter, which borders the grid elements, in this example is set to zero (0)

As noted previously, it is safest to define the first element of the grid to be the full width of the desired gallery. As the width of the first element in the grid is the default width of the gallery.

Each element in the grid which is part of the gallery needs to have a class definition which is the same as defined by itemSelector as mentioned above.

In the style attribute, the width can be defined as a percentage. The percentage does not need to add up to 100%. Adjusting the percentages can help ‘line’ up the rows to be of equal height.

The data-fancybox attribute in gallery items defines groups of photos as part of the same lightbox display provided by fancybox.

In recent versions of hugo, the href and img src of included pictures can be in the same directory as the post itself.

The images themselves do not have a default margin of zero pixels. Zero pixel margins can be defined with the style attribute of the images.

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