Isotope and Fancybox Galleries on Blogdown

The Wowchemy theme (formerly Hugo Academic) can ‘tile’ irregularly shaped posts in a grid, using the Isotope Javascript library. In another post I describe how the ‘cascading card’ layout can be used in the Wowchemy’s pages widget (used for ‘posts’, ‘talks’ and ‘publications’).

Windows 10 on Chromebook (Linux 'Crostini' container)

Using Windows 10 Chromebook (using the ‘Crostini’ Linux container) My Chromebook, a Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 with i5-10210U CPU and 8GB of memory, is extremely versatile. It can operate Android apps which are not available for Linux e.

Resilio Sync on Chromebook (Linux 'Crostini' container)

Using Resilio Sync on Chromebook (using the ‘Crostini’ Linux container) Resilio Sync is available on Chromebook as an Android app (via the Google Play Store), which is great, but:

Carolling with Pandoc - 'automatic' PowerPoint lyric slides

Converting lyrics (in text/‘markdown’ format) to PowerPoint Christmas carols and worship songs lyrics are easily (and sometimes freely) available across the Internet. One source is SongSelect (by CCLI), though SongSelect is not free, but does help congregations support song-writers by paying appropriate royalty fees.