Isotope and Fancybox Galleries on Blogdown

The Wowchemy theme (formerly Hugo Academic) can ‘tile’ irregularly shaped posts in a grid, using the Isotope Javascript library. In another post I describe how the ‘cascading card’ layout can be used in the Wowchemy’s pages widget (used for ‘posts’, ‘talks’ and ‘publications’).

Contributing to the Tidyverse (dbplyr)

I was acknowledged as a contributor to the version 2.0.0 release of dbplyr! dbplyr is the database backend for the ‘data pliers dplyr’ data manipulation package in the tidyverse software suite of R statistical programming language.

Microsoft R Open 4.0.2 and openSuSE

One reason for my sometimes growing respect for Microsoft is that they support (just) Microsoft R Open. Back in May 2019 they released version 3.5.3. It was a long time coming, but Microsoft released Microsoft R Open 4.

covr thinks I'm CRAN!

testthat is a great tool to test that R package code actually does what it is supposed to do. And keep doing the right thing after multiple package updates, edits and ‘fixes’.